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TIME IS MONEY and if you’re a Minnesota realtor, odds are good that whenever you are making the latter, the former is in short supply. Closing on a property feels great and pads the bank account, but it’s only part of the job. At TWIN CITIES TC, Real estate agents are responsible for marketing, prospecting, client care, customer service, and, last and often least, paperwork. Time-consuming and tedious, paperwork is essential to all real estate transactions – but is it essential for you to do it yourself? Just as accountants file your taxes and mechanics fix your car, Transaction Coordinators can take care of your real estate transaction paperwork so you can get out there and market your properties.

At Twin Cities TC, we take care of the boring stuff so you don’t have to. 

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Some people like pineapple on their pizza, other people enjoy skydiving.Most people don’t like filing paperwork.but we aren’t most people.


By outsourcing your real estate paperwork to a team that genuinely enjoys filling it out and takes pride in the work, agents save time and reduce mistakes

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Have you ever found yourself doing clerical tasks and thinking you need a vacation? Although a vacation is always nice, maybe what you really need is a skilled TC


You’re good at marketing properties and meeting clients. We’re good at filing paperwork. Not to be up-front, but it’s sort of a perfect match.

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I want to say how wonderful it is to work with you and your team day today on our transactions.  You have always been readily available to get us anything that we may need and help us get something signed if needed so.  The ultimate benefit for us on the lending side is to know we will get an answer or some type of response quickly when we are in crunch time.”
Blair Mathewson

“Hands down the current team you have handling the transactions is the best in the industry.  I close 30-40 transactions per month with MANY agents and the sales are handled far better than the others, they are organized and keep EVERYONE in communication avoiding all potential last-minute hiccups!

 Your team is simply the best and we love working with you! “

Mona Edick

I am writing to express my experience working with Dylan Hiler and the TC Team. I began working with your team and the TC Team last summer. I came from a title company in a smaller community where I personally knew all of the Realtors I worked with and none of them worked with a transaction coordinator.

I quickly saw the value Dylan and his team brought. They are the glue for each and every transaction, they are professional, ALWAYS available and reply almost immediately to our requests as well as your customers requests allowing your Realtors to stay focused on selling homes and not tied down to answering emails and forwarding documents.

I have recommended the TC Team to a number of Realtors. Communication is invaluable in this industry between all parties in a transaction and the TC Team is the best at it!

Andrea Olsson

Working with you and your team have been absolutely amazing. The degree of organization that your team offers is far beyond what we see with other agents.
I can’t tell you enough how helpful your team is when it comes to providing us with all of the pertinent information for each and every transaction. We work with a few agents and trying to get information from them is like pulling teeth and delays the process. When we receive orders from your team, we are able to get the process rolling right away which is great for all parties involved. “

Shane Ruths

You guys are awesome. I should be telling you all this daily, because I appreciate your support SO MUCH! I don’t know how you do what you do, but it gives me incredible peace of mind to know that your team is with me and my clients every step of the way.”

Amy Martin

“Thank you for taking this new agent and holding my hand throughout the transactions and always being there to encourage, redirect and save my ass when I screw up!!! I’ve often wondered how in the world so they do it as clearly follow up isn’t my strongest suit. You are an asset to us.”

Jennifer Edminson

“You’ve been so amazing at your job! I will refer you to anyone I know who is looking!”

Jonathan Canaday

“Tct- I know I don’t tell you this enough, but you guys are seriously the BEST. I juggle anywhere from 4-15 transactions at one time, and I feel lost and overwhelmed, And, this you know, very forgetful  So HUGE thank you for keeping things going around here, and reminding me of what is needed so we can all get paid!”

Kristi Pamperin

“Appreciate you more than you will ever know. Thank you very much for your hard work and professionalism.”

Lori Melbostad


We are honest and transparent about our pricing and only get paid at closing. This no-fee guarantee means we only get paid when you do – there are no up-front out of pocket expenses.*Listing services not included*

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We are real estate paperwork specialists, and take a lot of pride in what we do. We double-check all paperwork and correspondence to ensure that it is mistake-free and high-quality.

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Twin Cities TC strives to be as green as possible – we e-mail and use electronic signatures for all documents. Not only does going paperless help save the environment, but it also helps save time.

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As your transaction coordinators, everything we do is geared towards helping you close your transaction – we don’t get paid until you do!

Would you rather visit clients and sell real estate or sit glued to a desk doing paperwork? Real estate agents across the Twin Cities can count on us to provide efficient, effective, and reliable transaction management services on their behalf.

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We aren’t just pencil pushers for hire – Twin Cities TC has plenty of local industry experience and knowledge of the market. In fact, our team has worked on transactions with a combined closed property value north of a billion dollars.

Most of the credit goes to the dynamic agents we partner with, of course…but a company like ours doesn’t see results like that by accident.

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Let Us Take Care of the Boring Stuff



At Twin Cities TC, we take your transaction management seriously. Mistakes in real estate paperwork are a time-consuming headache at best. At worst, they can cost a lot of money. We bring a meticulous eye for detail to every job we take and maintain accurate records of all transactions from contract to close. All parties to the transaction receive complete files at close and have access to the files at any time during the transaction.

With every transaction, we

  • Securely handle closing documents

  • Keep all parties informed

  • Ensure compliance with contract

  • Coordinate with the Loan Officer and Title  Company

  • Create custom templates to accommodate your individual needs

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State and Broker Compliant

We always follow Minnesota state guideline requirements and include any additional disclosures required by either your broker, the county, and/or the city the transaction is being performed in. We excel at handling real estate paperwork.

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