As a transaction Coordinator Minnesota I have heard most Realtors often talk about things like:

  • Meet and get to know new members of the community.
  • Help people obtain the right home for their family.
  • Help the seller to get the best price for their home.
  • Do negotiations
  • Flexibility in my schedule to be there with my children after school or excursions.
  • Ability to create sufficient income from service to others.

I never heard anyone say “collect the right documents and make sure they are closed correctly” or “manage the process once the contract has been concluded.” Its probably not all the steps from the contract to the close, no one except the transaction coordinator says so!

Time is money, and if you are a realtor in Minnesota, the chances are good, the more you win the latter, the first will be available. Closing a property is excellent and forms a bank account, but it is only part of the job. Real estate agents are responsible for marketing, prospecting, customer service, customer service and, finally, often, paperwork. Boring and slow paperwork is essential for all real estate transactions, but do you need to do it yourself? Just as accountants offer their taxes and mechanics repair their car, transaction coordinators can handle the paperwork of real estate transactions so you can get out and market your property.

How Can Transaction Coordinator Minnesota Be of Help?

Yes, there are parts of the trip that we have to take to get where we want to go, and we don’t like it completely, I know. However, if someone is there to help you, it will surely make the trip more comfortable and give you more time for the things you love. Of course, it will be, and that is exactly what the transaction coordinator does. They are people who like to collect all the documents and make sure they are implemented correctly. They enjoy supervising the process and the people involved to facilitate the smooth closure of everyone involved.

You will not achieve your goals of building a community, helping as many people as possible to get the home they want, or sell their current home as you wish without all the messy things from the contract to the close. The good news is that you don’t have to do it alone. With your team’s transaction coordinator, you can focus more on the things you like about your real estate property and less on the things you don’t like.

Twin Cities Transaction Coordinator Minnesota

With a fixed fee paid only at closing, the use of our experienced transaction coordinators will save your brokerage time and money. The details of the services provided are as follows:

  • Create an online management file with secure 24/7 access to your agents and customers.
  • Verify signatures, initials and contract additions.
  • Complete the commission forms.
  • Open a file with the title company.
  • Send copies of the contracts to the buyer, seller, lender, and other parts of the transaction.
  • Create a summary sheet with property details, contact information, and photographs.
  • Estimated request for a declaration of HUD-1.
  • Provide weekly summaries with the situation of each transaction and deadlines.
  • Be sure to provide all the documents to each party.
  • Follow up with the title company at closing.

At Twin Cities TC, we take your transaction management very seriously. Mistakes in real estate paperwork are a headache that is time-consuming at best. In the worst case, they can cost a lot of money. We accurately analyze the details of each job we take and keep accurate records of all transactions from the contract to the close. All parties to the transaction receive complete files at closing and have access to the files at any time during the transaction.