Before some time, I was contacted by a Realtor who’d called to inquire about our Transaction Coordinator services. Before informing him of what we offer, I asked him more about his business and the reason why he was contacting us.

He informed me about his production, the number of years he’d been in business. Moreover, he wanted to be more available to his family. That he knew he needs to do something to give himself more time from his busy routine. We also discussed some specifics about the things our team would aid with if he hires a Transaction Coordinator. He informed me he was impressed with all the extra stuff he had not thought of having someone else do for him.

Why Hire a Transaction Coordinator? Little Expensive Transaction Coordinator Is Better?

Later, he told us that he currently had someone else providing service he’d brought on a few months ago and wasn’t very happy with their work. He did a lot of work that was not his duty, and this was the reason to contact us. Like Realtors, not all Transaction Coordinators are similar, he agreed. As we discussed the fee for all our services, he raised a concern. It seemed his current rate, with the person he wasn’t happy with, was $75 less per transaction than our fee. I heard his thoughts on this and then asked him, “How much your revenue has increased”?

He asked me to explain – so I suggested to him if he woke up wondering if his current Transaction Coordinator had handled an important matter he’d delegated to her, he said yes. I asked him if he had to tell her more than once to follow-up on something, he said yes. I asked him if there were times he just did something rather than letting her do it, he said yes. Then, I asked him again, “How much your revenue has increased”?

After doing quick calculations, he realized that with the volume of transactions he was performing and the price point he was at, he just needed to sell one more home a year to more than makeup just the difference. He said, “I can do it with my eyes closed”. He also confessed that he feared he might have lost a referral or two because of the level of service his last TC was providing.


Why Hire a Transaction Coordinator? As an agent, you deserve a service that’s suitable for your needs. That’s why Twin Cities TC goes the extra mile to ensure our services align entirely with the requirements. We take care of all the transaction services you require without adding work unnecessarily to your goals. It doesn’t matter whether you represent the buyer, seller, or both. As TC’s, we will coordinate and manage your residential file from the purchase agreement through closing. We know that your time is valuable and want you to help you leverage your time where it is best spent with clients.

We upload all the relevant files and forms to our online transaction management system. Your documents can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere by your brokerage, making the days of misplaced contracts and dog ate homework a relic of the past. We are also careful in our record keeping and can provide records of all deals with your brokerage upon request.

In the end, the profits he was receiving by using another Transaction Coordinator wasn’t really saving him anything at all; it actually cost him more. Now he is on board and assigned to a trusted team member, his production has increased. The best of all, his family sees more of him too.