If you think that you need help in your real estate career, a Real Estate Admin in Minnesota is a significant first step to take. A Real Estate Admin takes over everything once you have confirmed a contract with a seller or buyer. They handle the process from escrow to close for you, including communication with all parties of the agreement. Just like agents, admins are only paid when a contract closes, so they are a great first addition to your real estate team.

Real Estate Admin

Real Estate Administrative Assistants perform many tasks to support the real estate sales team. Every day, you will find them answering the phone, taking messages, scheduling appointments, preparing real estate forms, documents, and correspondence, requesting supplies, sending newsletters by mail, distributing reports, traveling arrangements, and maintaining electronic and paper file systems. The real estate administrative assistant of the property can also handle updating information in the multiple listing service, collecting rents and disbursing funds associated with the sale of the house. Computer literacy is essential for this task, as well as the ability to focus on many tasks simultaneously in an accelerated team environment.

Jobs Handled by a Real Estate Admin

  • Handle and screen incoming calls related to real estate dealings.
  • Manage and monitor lease administration from both the sides of landlord and tenant.
  • Manage and organize all the real estate agreements, documents, and lease records.
  • Track and monitor all the obligations and payments.
  • Coordinate with real estate attorneys in managing legal issues.
  • Take care of multiple real estate and construction projects.
  • Manage and maintain client database with all details of contracts, deals, and payments.
  • Aid and support the team of real estate agents in attracting new business.
  • Provide support to all the brokers and agents during the sales process, including scheduling appointments, preparing documents, and sending emails.

Why Hire a Real Estate Admin?

The following are the five reasons for hiring a Real Estate Admin in Minnesota right now.

You want to grow your business to the next level

Although the general public may think that the only thing a real estate agent does is open doors and hand over keys at closing, agents understand the daily activities that must be completed to be successful. From prospecting for new customers, getting a hand to qualify them and more. Hiring a real estate admin allows you to control your time by reducing interruptions once the contract is approved. The real estate admin will review the contracts to verify compliance and conduct all communications. Moreover, they will take actions throughout the process from clients, lenders, titles, insurance companies, inspectors, and more. This allows you to move to new customers and get them under a contract to increase your business.

You don’t want to miss any details

Real estate contracts are very long, with multiple disclosures, and it’s very easy to miss deadlines when you are too busy or a customer that came into the city last minute. Having another set of eyes on your agreements will help you avoid costly mistakes. The real estate admin will make sure all compliance and contract dates are met, ask if something seems wrong, and make sure everything is delivered and closed on time.

You are still not financially ready

If you are on the cusp of growing your business but not quite financially ready as your income still fluctuates. Hiring a real estate admin can get you past that hump while filling all the gaps. Real estate admins are paid only when a transaction closes, so if you have a month where you have lost several closings, you don’t have to worry about still having to pay. This can help you grow to a level where your income is more predictable.

You want to control your expenses

Using a real estate admin can help you control your expenses and increase your income. Find how much your time is worth and what you could do with those extra hours saved by an admin. If you are only closing one transaction a month now, those hours could get you to another closing each month. Moreover, you can double your income. Many agents include this fee in their compensation as an admin fee from customers rather than adding it to their expenses, as it is a benefit for their customers as well.


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