The easiest way to Increase Sales In Real Estate Business is to keep in touch with those who already know, trust, and adore you. This is the first strategy for many of the best sales and business professionals. They know that building a relationship, building a good relationship, and staying in touch is one of the best ways, perhaps the only way to build a business full of references.

This topic recently appeared with many clients in my transaction management business, which told me it was time to expand it here.

Everyone wants to work smarter rather than harder, but the thing to admit is that not many are connected with those they had done business with.

Things to Do to Increase Sales In Real Estate Business

The idea of ​​what to do to keep in touch with older customers is a great idea. People usually have only two database programs, and there is no list or system to handle anything. Following are some ideas that can be easily added to any business without using sophisticated software or working for long hours:

  • Compile your list, start somewhere, even if it’s the last five transactions you’ve made, then create from there. The best way to get results is by getting started.
  • Send them personal notes that contain items or recipes that may be of interest. While there are always many excellent online resources that allow you to point, click and send a postcard or notecard. In my opinion, there is nothing to say, “I’m thinking of you” from something hand-written.
  • Send note cards instantly after closing, and thank the customer again for allowing him to help. Make the note personal, and mention something they said or what happened, so they feel connected to them.
  • Send Christmas cards. Getting your customer’s birthday is very simple. You don’t even have to ask and get it from the company that will get your ID when you close. Add it to your calendar and visit your favorite card store to stock it.
  • Send holiday cards. Christmas, yes, but what about Valentine’s Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s, Halloween, etc.
  • On holiday, send them a postcard from your location. So if you do when you get back, this will involve you and can make you pick up the phone or email.

My advice to him about how to get started:

Take a sheet, type holidays, notes, and other items you want to send. Add it to your calendar so that you can order the right amount of Christmas cards, notes, postcards, etc. Then, from time to time, you should leave sometime on the TV and write some personal notes or messages by hand.

Remember that you are building a relationship, not making a sale. References will come, perhaps not immediately, but they will come as soon as they are in front of those who you have already dealt with. How to build an ant nest, one grain of sand at a time.


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